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Community Planning and Design

HBA is recognized as one of the leading firms in the United States in the preparation of Comprehensive and General Plans. The firm's broad experience extends to policy planning, growth management, central area planning, redevelopment, historic preservation, regulatory measures, and capital facilities programs.

Our in house capabilities in economics, demographics, legislation, finance, and public participation are an integral part of our community planning expertise.

HBA's design capabilities include urban design, landscape architecture, and site design for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional developments. Our application of new concepts and innovation extends to such diverse projects as college campuses, resorts, and military installations.

Transportation Planning

HBA has a long tradition and history of providing transportation planning services to both the public and private sectors. In 1940 President Roosevelt appointed Harland Bartholomew as a member if the "Interregional Highway Committee" to make proposals for a system of freeways interconnecting the centers of larger cities in the nation. This report was the start of the Interstate Highway System.

Today, HBA's transportation planning resources are combined with the resources of the Parsons Transportation Group to provide an integrated full-range of traffic engineering and transportation planning services.

Our transportation department is structured to provide our clients with personal local management and service while utilizing the resources of the Parsons Transportation Group for additional technical, engineering, design, and computer simulation services.

Environmental Planning and Analysis

Planning which is sensitive to environmental needs and concerns has always been a hallmark of HBA's practice. The firm was a pioneer in the interdisciplinary approach to planning and design, and has always sought to ensure that projects are environmentally sound.

Our in house capabilities in specialized areas, such as biological resource, cultural resource, and socioeconomic analysis, complement our experience in environmental documentation, EIR/EIS program management, permitting, and facilitation. We understand the complex nature of regulatory and statutory requirements, and utilize our analytical experience to focus on workable solutions.

The projects described in the following pages illustrate the range of our environmental experience and our success in resolving a wide variety of issues.

Biological Resource Services

HBA provides a complete range of biological resource services, including threatened and endangered species surveys, endangered species permitting, biological assessments, habitat management plans, wildlife habitat relationships (WHR) analysis, mitigation implementation, biological resource inventories, and mitigation monitoring.

HBA also offers a variety of specialized capabilities such as track plate and infrared-triggered camera surveys, small mammal trapping, special status bat survey techniques, spotlight surveys, avian surveys using taped playbacks and vocal identification, and California vernal pools crustacean identification.

The projects described on the following pages are representative of the scope of biological services offered by HBA.

Cultural Resource Services

HBA provides expertise in cultural resource services, including archaeological and historical field surveys, resource testing, excavation, and monitoring, archaeological materials analyses, historic preservation, and evaluations of historic properties. HBA staff has in-depth familiarity and experience with National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106 compliance and National Register of Historic Places eligibility, the California Environmental Protection Act and Appendices J and K, the Public Resources Code Sections 5020-5024, and the regulations and reporting requirements for the California Department of Transportation.

HBA and the Parsons Corporation, combined, have nation-wide capabilities and experience working for federal, state, and local agencies as well as private business, providing cultural resource expertise.

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