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August 1997



The Office of Planning and Research (OPR) receives many inquiries about sources of information on land use planning. We've put together this bibliography to publicize some of the written references that are available on this varied subject. We hope that the reader will find it useful.

Unless so noted, these books are not available from the Office of Planning and Research. Whenever possible, we have listed the sources and prices of books. Otherwise, look for these titles in major libraries. The book catalogs of the American Planning Association and the Urban Land Institute also offer numerous books on the subject.

The Office of Planning and Research is not responsible for publications other than its own. Accordingly, the views expressed in most of the following references do not necessarily represent the views of OPR.


California Planning

CEQA and Environmental Assessment

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Growth Management


Infrastructure Finance

Land Use Regulation


The Planning Commission

Planning in General

Resource Conservation and Safety

Transportation and Parking

Urban Design