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California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1311
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 651-1228

California Land Use Planning Information Network

California Land Use Planning Information Network

State of California

Department of Food and Agriculture

Agricultural Links

Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Highway Design Manual
Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM)

Governor's Office of Emergency Services

Emergency Management Into the 21st Century: The Strategic Vision
Plans and Documents

Governor's Office of Planning and Research

2004 California Planners' Book of Lists PDF (550K)
2003 California Planners' Book of Lists PDF (550K)
1996-2001 California Planners' Book of Lists (Archived)
OPR Publications
2004 Planning, Zoning, and Development Laws PDF (2.0MB)
CEQA Guidelines, as amended March 29, 1999

CEQA Technical Advice Series
  • CEQA and Archaeological Resources: HTML | PDF (65K)
  • CEQA and Historical Resources: HTML | PDF (55K)
  • CEQA, NEPA, and Base Closure: HTML | PDF (118K)
  • Circulation and Notice Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA): HTML | PDF (400K)
  • Focusing on Master EIRs: HTML | PDF (95K)
  • Mitigated Negative Declarations: HTML | PDF (78K)
  • Thresholds of Significance, Criteria for Defining Environmental Significance: HTML | PDF (64K)
  • Tracking CEQA Mitigation Measures Under AB 3180: HTML | PDF (81K)

A Citizen's Guide to Planning HTML | PDF (459K)
A Planner's Guide to Finaning Public Improvements: HTML | PDF (209K)
Bridging the Gap, Using Findings in Local Land Use Decisions: HTML | PDF (216K)
The Conditional Use Permit, The Planner's Training Series: HTML | PDF (42K)
Element Consolidation: Streamlining Local General Plans: PDF (129K)
2003 General Plan Guidelines: PDF (1MB)
LAFCOs, General Plans, and City Annexations: HTML | PDF (40K)
The Planning Commissioner's Book: HTML | PDF (144K)
Public Notice and Land Use Planning: HTML | PDF (69K)
Putting Action into the Open Space Element: HTML | PDF (42K)
The Planner's Guide to Specific Plans: HTML | PDF (1.3MB)
Sources: An Annotated Bibliography for California Planners: HTML | PDF (76K)
State Clearinghouse Handbook:PDF (278K)
The Variance, The Planner's Training Series: HTML | PDF (40K)

Resources Agency

California's Ocean Resources: An Agenda for the Future
Watershed Planning

California Biodiversity Council
California Biodiversity News

California Coastal Commission
California Coastal Commission Publications
Legislative Reports

California Energy Commission
California State Energy Plan - Critical Changes: California's Energy Future

Delta Protection Commission
Land Use and Resource Management Plan of the Primary Zone of the Delta

Department of Conservation
California Geological Survey
State Mining and Geology Board Index to Available Publications
Seismic Hazard Mapping Bulletins

Department of Forestry
California Fire Plan

Department of Water Resources
Bulletin 160-98: California Water Plan Update Public Review Draft
Reports Administration in the Division of Planning
Final Report of the Flood Emergency Action Team
State Water Project Operational Reports
Delta Environmental Compliance Standards
Water Bulletins by Bulletin Number

Natural Community Conservation Planning Program
NCCP Quarterly Report (April-June 1997)
NCCP Process Guidelines
NCCP Conservation Guidelines
Subregional Conservation Plans

California Environmental Protection Agency

Air Resources Board
Business Assistance Publications/Information

Department of Pesticide Regulations
Departmental Documents
Regulatory Information

Integrated Waste Management Board

State Water Resources Control Board
California Rangeland Water Quality Management Plan
SWRCB Publications
Clean Water Action Plan

Seismic Safety Commission

California Earthquake Loss Reduction Plan

State Library

California Research Bureau Documents
A Statistical Tour of California's Great Central Valley (1998): PDF (1270K)
A Statistical Tour of California's Great Central Valley (1997): HTML | PDF: Part 1 (166K), Part 2 (195K)
The California Central Valley versus Other States?
California Economic Diversification and Revitalization, CEDAR

Trade and Commerce Agency

California Permit Handbook
California Economic Diversification and Revitalization, CEDAR
California License Handbook, Trade and Commerce Agency

Federal Government

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Virtual Library and Electronic Reading Room

U.S. Department of Agriculture
National Soils Information System Natural Resources Conservation Service
Forest Service Publications
USDA Economics and Statistics System: Data Sets and Reports
USDA Publications

U.S. Department of Transportation
National Transportation Library, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
1993 California Transportation Plan, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Status of Current California Transportation Plan, Caltrans
1993 California Transportation Plan Technical Addendum, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Environmental Publications Information
Office of Air and Radiation

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Fish and Wildlife Reference Service

U.S. Geological Survey
Publications and Data Products, USGS
Spatial Data in Geographic Information System Format on Agricultural Chemical Use, Land Use, and Cropping Practices in the United States
Fact Sheets
National Mapping Information
Water Resources Publications

Related Organizations

Farming Information Center
Farming Publications for California

American Planning Association
APA Publications
The California Planner, California Chapter of the American Planning Association

Association of Environmental Professionals
Environmental Impact Reports on the Internet, E.J. Koford, April 7, 1996
Reforming How CEQA is Applied, Daniel G. Conaty, Fall 1996

University of California
Impact of the University of California Campus at Merced on the Regional Economy, University Committee of Merced
Planning for Habitat Protection in California: State Policies and County Actions to Implement CEQA through Improved General Plans, Robert A. Johnston and Mary E. Madison
Publications, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Planning Resources on the Internet: Online Publications, Environmental Design Library, UC Berkeley

California Farm Bureau
Information Central

Center for Technology in Government
Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State

City of San Diego
Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP)

Geological Society of America

Great Valley Center
New Valley Connexions
Preliminary Assessment of Urban Growth in California's Central Valley

Greenbelt Alliance
Urban Growth Boundaries

League of California Cities

Local Government Commission
Free Resources

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Central Library

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
California's Central Valley Economy: 1997 and Beyond
Understanding the Nature of Gazelles
California Continued Economic Recovery and Restructuring

Planning Commissioners Journal
Sprawl Resource Guide
Planning Reports

San Francisco Estuary Project
Reports and Publications

Sierra Business Council
Sierra Nevada Wealth Index

Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP)
Report to Congress

Urban Regional Information Systems Association
URISA Publications Library

Water Education Foundation

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