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Data Retrieval

Selecting data for your final map [help] .

Name of Pre-defined Region:
South Central Coast - CERES Bioregion

[blank] (max. longitude [right] , max. latitude [top]) = (-118.71, 37.64)
map of (a region within) California
(-122.69, 34.16) = (min. longitude [left] , min. latitude [bottom])

Legend for the map:
legend for the map above


Standard Data Layers

Choose one or more of the following:

legend] California Watershed Project (Inventory) locations , Add labels for the project names
legend] Lakes
legend] Significant Natural Areas
legend] Jurisdictional Dams

Choose only one of these:

California Vegetation (CAL VEG)
Land ownership
Shaded relief
Land Use/Land Cover

Navigational Layers

Choose one or more of the following:

[legend] Counties
[legend] California Department of Fish and Game jurisdictional boundaries
[legend] U.S. Bureau of Reclamation jurisdictional boundaries
[legend] California State Assembly Districts
[legend] California State Senate Districts
[legend] CERES Bioregions
[legend] CalWater
[legend] California State Water Resources Control Board hydrological sub-regions
[legend] Major rivers , Add labels for the river names
[legend] USGS Cataloging Units
[legend] Major cities
[legend] State highways
[legend] Major U.S. highways
[legend] Longitude-latitude grid
[legend] USGS 1:24K quad boundaries
[legend] USGS 1:100K quad boundaries
[legend] USGS 1:250K quad boundaries

[warning] The processing of your query takes a while (a minimum of about 30 seconds up to several minutes). Please be patient.

Processing Mode

To return to navigation mode ( [help] ) with the same region boundaries and the same navigational layers which are now selected, use the "Return to Navigation Mode" button here:

On-screen help level:

moderate (default), none

Harvey Chinn and Karen Beardsley created this system. Karen did the GIS programming; Harvey did the Web CGI programming. We are pleased to acknowledge the influence of the Xerox PARC Map Viewer and the ESRI-Mapper project , ideas and techniques from which we have borrowed shamelessly. We also made up quite a few of our own.

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