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California State Historical Landmarks in Lassen County

Properties of historical importance in California are currently designated as significant resources in three state registration programs: State Historical Landmarks, Points of Historical Interest, and the California Register of Historic Places.  Below is a list of the State Historical Landmarks for Lassen County.  This data is provided by the Office of Historic Preservation - California Department of Parks and Recreation and is also available in the California Historical Landmarks Book.

  NO. 565 PETER LASSEN GRAVE - In memory of Peter Lassen, the pioneer who was killed by the Indians April 27, 1859, at 66 years of age.
Location:  2550 Wingfield Rd via Richmond Rd, 5 mi SE of Susanville

  NO. 566 SACRAMENTO CITY CEMETERY - Resting place of California pioneers, this cemetery was established in 1850. Many of the victims of the cholera epidemic of that year are buried here. Included among the graves of illustrious Californians are those of John Bigler, Newton Booth, and William Irwin, Governors of California, General George Wright, hero of the Mexican War, Mark Hopkins, cobuilder of the Central Pacific Railroad, General Albert M. Winn, founder of the Native Sons of the Golden West, Hardin Bigelow, first mayor of Sacramento, William S. Hamilton, son of Alexander Hamilton, E. B. Crocker, founder of the Crocker Art Gallery, and Reverend O. C. Wheeler, organizer in 1850 of the first Baptist Church.
Location:  SW corner of Broadway and 10th Sts, Sacramento
USGS Quadrangle Sheet Name:  SUSANVILLE 15

  NO. 675 NOBLE EMIGRANT TRAIL, SUSANVILLE - This meadow, now a city park, was a welcome stopping place on the Noble Emigrant Trail, pioneered by William H. Nobles in 1851 and first used in 1852. Here, emigrants en route to the Northern California mines were able to rest, refresh their stock, and obtain needed provisions at Isaac Roop's establishment, from which grew the city of Susanville.
Location:  Lassen Memorial Park, S side of Adaline and North Sts, Susanville

  NO. 677 NOBLE EMIGRANT TRAIL - This route was first used in 1852 by emigrants to Northern California seeking to avoid the hardships of the Lassen Trail. It crossed the desert from the Humboldt River in Nevada, passed this point, and proceeded over the mountains to the town of Shasta. Later, 1859-1861, it was known as the Fort Kearney, South Pass and Honey Lake Wagon Road. On October 4, 1850, while hunting for Gold Lake, Peter Lassen and J. G. Bruff saw Honey Lake from this point.
Location:  On State Hwy 395 (P.M. 80.5), 76 mi N of Litchfield

 NO. 678 LASSEN EMIGRANT TRAIL - Through this draw passed many covered wagons and gold seekers en route to California over the Lassen Trail during 1848-1851. Approaching this location from the north, the trail passed what is now Bogard Ranger Station. Proceeding southward to Big Springs and Big Meadows (now Lake Almanor), it then turned westward to Deer Creek, which it followed generally to Vina in the Sacramento Valley.
Location:  Hwy 36 (P.M. 0.3), 2.5 mi W of Westwood

 NO. 758 FORT JANESVILLE - Thoroughly terrified by 'The Ormsby Massacre,' the people of Honey Lake valley built themselves a stockade for protection from an Indian attack that never materialized.
Location:  0.1 mi N of Janesville Elementary School, Main St, Janesville

 NO. 76 ROOP'S FORT - Built in July 1854 by Isaac N. Roop, Roop House was a stopping place for emigrant trains. It was the locale of the 'sagebrush war' fought in 1863 between the citizens of Plumas County and Lassen County.
Location:  Memorial Park, N Weatherlow at Nevada St, Susanville
USGS Quadrangle Sheet Name:  SUSANVILLE 15

 NO. 763 LASSEN EMIGRANT TRAIL, BIEBER - Peter Lassen opened the Lassen Emigrant Trail in 1848 when he led a 12-wagon emigrant train from Missouri to California. The route, which passed near this place, was extensively traveled during the years 1848-53 by emigrants seeking gold, adventure, and a new life in the west - but because of the hardships of the route and the hostility of the Indians, the trail was little used after 1853.
Location:  County of Lassen Library-Historical Museum, NE corner Veterans Ln and Bridge St, Bieber

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