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California State Historical Landmarks in Kings County

Properties of historical importance in California are currently designated as significant resources in three state registration programs: State Historical Landmarks, Points of Historical Interest, and the California Register of Historic Places.  Below is a list of the State Historical Landmarks for Kings County.  This data is provided by the Office of Historic Preservation - California Department of Parks and Recreation and is also available in the California Historical Landmarks Book.

 NO. 206 EL ADOBE DE LOS ROBLES RANCHO - This restored adobe, second oldest in San Joaquin Valley, was built by Daniel Rhoades, who came to California in 1846 by overland caravan. Rhoades and his brother, John, were among organizers of the first expedition that attempted to rescue the Donner party at Donner Lake. Built in 1856, the adobe has been continuously occupied since.
Location:  10036-19-1/2 Ave, SW corner State Hwy 41 and Lacy Blvd, 3 mi N of Lemoore

 NO. 245 LOCATION OF THE FAMOUS MUSSEL SLOUGH TRAGEDY - Here on May 11, 1880, during a dispute over land titles between settlers and railroad, a fight broke out in which seven men-two deputy U.S. marshals and five ranchers lost their lives. The legal struggle over titles was finally settled by a compromise.
Location:  5833-14th Ave, between Everett and Elder Aves, 1.5 mi SE of Hardwick

 NO. 270 KINGSTON - Founded in 1856 by L. A. Whitmore, who operated the first ferry to cross the Kings River, Kingston became stopping place for Butterfield stages after 1858. A toll bridge superseded the ferry in 1873. On December 26, 1873, Tiburcio Vásquez and his bandit gang made a bold raid, robbing the entire village.
Location:  Kingston Park, Douglas Ave, .4 mi W of 12-3/4 Ave, 1.1 mi SW of Laton

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